Portland, Maine Greendrinks


Restore Yourself with February Greendrinks!  Habitat for Humanity Welcomes Greendrinkers!

Tired of looking for parking at Greendrinks events in the Old Port? Well you're in luck! This month's Greendrinks will be held at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore near Morrill's Corner (see map below for specifics).

Since 1985, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland has pursued its mission to eliminate poverty housing in the Greater Portland area. HFHGP uses local volunteer labor, along with donated materials and land whenever possible, to create simple, affordable and decent housing at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Homes are then sold to qualifying families through a no-interest 30-year loan.

Habitat’s ReStore supports this mission for affordable housing through the sale of discontinued, overstocked, and new and used building materials, such as flooring, windows, appliances, and much more. Manufacturers, stores, contractors and individuals donate these items, which are then either used in HFHGP construction or sold to the public at discounts of up to 50% to 80% off retail.

On Tuesday, February 10, come learn more about HFHGP’s move to sustainability with its green subdivision and LEED certified homes. Come meet some new people and while there, check out the ReStore to see what treasures you can find for your next building project. And remember to BYOV -- bring your own vessels!!!!


Greendrinks Presents: Green Lunches

Want to dine with THIS guy?   He wants to dine with you!

Check out the latest exciting opportunity to meet other Greendrinkers: Green Lunches, powered by Noonhat! Just submit your email by the Wednesday after Greendrinks every month and you'll get connected, via email, to up to three other Greendrinkers (randomly selected based on location) by Thursday morning. Green Lunches will take place every month on the Friday after Greendrinks. Once you've been matched, it will be up to you to select a lunch destination with your assigned partners. If your group can't coordinate for that Friday, no worries, just pick another day!

Green Lunches had a successful inaugural month with over 50 people signing up. Join the newest sensation by signing up now!

As this is a new program, we would love to hear feedback.
E-mail us with any remarks, positive or negative, you may have!


Thank You to CIEE for a Great Start to the New Year!

Greendrinks experienced another stellar turnout in January.  Thank you to the folks at CIEE and NOMADS for providing a great space and making it a unique experience. 

Missed out?  Relive the magic here and here!



In the spirit of being "green", we want to encourage all Greendrinkers to bring their own drinking vessel to all future Greendrinks.  One day we hope to offer "Portland Greendrinks" pint glasses for your drinking pleasure, but in the meantime, please do your part and help us to cut down on waste.


Want to host or sponsor Portland Greendrinks?

Do you have a venue in town that's itching to draw in 150 or so environmentally-minded Portlanders? Perhaps you have an environmentally-conscious product that you'd like to get in the hands of your demographic?!

Contact info@portlandgreendrinks.com and we'll help you out!