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Together we can create a more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable community. 

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When: Tuesday, July 13th | 5:30pm

Where: Park at Amethyst (located on the eastern waterfront between Ocean Gateway and the Fore Points Marina.)


Important  Information: 


Portland Parks Conservancy

Our mission to preserve our parks

In Portland, our open spaces are much more than that. They are our bike trails, our picnic grounds, our meeting spots, our performance venues. Where little league legends are written and lifelong friendships are formed. Where farmers markets pop up and locals slow down. Where milestones are marked in moments, from the big to the small. This collection of parks and trails and playgrounds and land is a world unto itself, and it’s a world that serves as the setting for our best memories. Our parks are our window into the wild beauty of our coastal city. And our mirror reflecting back who we are as Mainers. From Back Cove to Baxter Pines, Fox Field to Fort Gorges, this is where our lives happen.

And we’re here to support that. All of it. So generations of Mainers to come get to benefit from the parks and programs of Portland.


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