August, 2020

Friends of Casco Bay

Our August event was a virtual event with Friends of Casco Bay. They answered questions and shared about their work live from a boat!

April, 2020

Portland Community Squash

Our April non-profit partner was Portland Community Squash. Their mission is to sustain a diverse community and to provide academic and squash instruction to challenge Portland area youth to achieve academic success, physical wellness, constructive citizenship and a path to higher education.

July, 2020

Portland Parks Conservancy

Our July non-profit was Portland Parks Conservancy. They staged an amazing scavenger hunt to help get everyone out into Portland's parks.

March, 2020

Lyme TV

We partnered with Lymetv for our March event! They are dedicated to educating the global community about dangerous tick-borne infectious diseases. LymeTV aims to help reduce the incidence of these diseases through research, education campaigns, & film projects.

June, 2020


In June, MOFGA hosted a virtual event and gave a DIY garden tutorial. They answered all our gardening questions!

February, 2020

Maine Access Immigrant Network

This February, we partnered with Maine Access Immigrant Network. MAIN serves as a bridge and cultural broker for multilingual access to health and social services for immigrants, refugees, and asylees in our community.

May, 2020

Partners for World Health

Our May non-profit partner was Partners for World Health. PWH's works to collect and redistribute unneeded medical supplies and equipment from healthcare facilities. This limits the impact on the environment by diverting waste and provides supplies around the world.

January, 2020

Maine Indoor Air Quality

For January, we partnered with Maine Indoor Air Quality Council! Their mission is to create healthy, productive, and environmentally sustainable indoor environments through education, communications, and advocacy. Their focus for the evening will be safety tips for renters!

Recent Events

Dear Greendrinks community,


Our mission has been and continues to be creating a more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable community by supporting local organizations, businesses, and green initiatives. Even as things change drastically around us, we stand firmly behind this mission. 


As the Greendrinks board, our favorite moments are those spent with our community: meeting with attendees and friends, connecting with non-profit leaders, sharing a great local brew with like-minded folks. In the last few months, we’ve pivoted from large in-person networking and gathering events to online, virtual-based event programming. While these virtual events have been amazing, we feel these events lack the essence of what makes Greendrinks Portland special. 


So that we can continue to be a sustainable organization in the future, we have come to the decision to go into hibernation for the next six months. We will abstain from holding events starting this month, September 2020, hoping to resume some version of event-based networking come April 2021. We will continue to meet as a board to plan for the next phase of Greendrinks Portland. 


Fear not, dedicated Greendrinkers we are not going away forever, we promise to come back stronger than ever!