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Meet the Team

Executive Board


Bailey Auspland


Bailey is a Maine transplant from Louisville, KY and has lived in the Portland area for the past 13 years. She's been a regular at Greendrinks since she first heard about it in 2013 and frequently drags any mix of friends, family, and co-workers to the events to support local breweries and non-profits. In 2018, her now-husband proposed to her at the May event at Fork Food Lab! Bailey spends her days working to improve the lives of pets and their owners at Embark Vet and was thrilled to join the GD board in 2019.

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Chris Hafford

Brewer Liaison

Chris joined the board in April 2022 and works as the Director of Sales for Banded Brewing Company. Chris has been a long time attendee of Greendrinks  and over the last year has poured beer at a number of events. A dedicated volunteer, Chris has worked on many different campaigns and initiatives throughout the years. He can often be seen around town delivering beer samples to many of the fine drinking establishments, or discussing the particularities of different beer styles with anyone who will listen. 


Aviva Shaw


A native New Yorker, Aviva has lived in Maine since 1994 and settled in Portland in 2003.  She is the Director of Development and Operations at the Maine Academy of Modern Music.  Having attended Portland Greendrinks since it's inception, she couldn't think of a better way to spend a few dollars and a few hours on a Tuesday night.  She's an artist, wife, and mother to three adorable redheads.  


Rachel Goodell

Vice President / Secretary

ReferRachel is out of this world excited to join the Portland Greendrinks board. When she's not being the boss lady of Lake George Distilling Company, she's perfecting her art on her Cricket or sewing machine while dabbling in ceramics. Her great loves include musical theater, staying at home alone, and making teenage girls cry at field hockey games. 


Ben Moore


Ben joined the board in 2022 and works for CarHop Food & Drink Delivery as their Marketing Manager. He's also a photographer, videographer and website architect and occasionally teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He's been supporting local breweries since 2011 as Active Beer Geek. Ben has been attending Greendrinks for a number of years and loves the opportunity to help on the board.

Working Board


Cory Schnaible

A Cape Codder washed ashore in Maine, Cory has lived in and around Portland since 2005. For him, it was love at first taste with Greendrinks and he’s excited to help the movement grow. When he’s not busy being a copywriter at Ethos, Cory runs, jumps, and writes some more. He loves his dog, his wife, his identical twin baby schniblets, and always sneezes into the inside of his left elbow.


Ryan Green

Ryan, originally from New Hampshire, moved to Portland in 2018 after attending the University of Maine, Orono. Portland had everything he was looking for in a city, not too large, on the water, and within a few hours of the mountains. In the winter, he is at Sugarloaf or alpine touring somewhere in the White Mountains, and the rest of the year, he's on his mountain bike exploring what New England has to offer.  He has attended Greendrinks since his move in 2018, and is always excited for a chance to have a beer and meet some new people.


Adam Frawley

Adam is a dog dad who originally hailed from the lesser New England state (one notch above Connecticut) New Hampshire. He joined the board in 2022 after attending events for a few years. He builds a mean fire, has excellent taste in whiskey, and crushes audiobooks.


Chelsea Valentine

Chelsea moved to Maine as a part of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in 2013 from PA. At that time, she also began attending Greendrinks. She continues to w in social services and is currently attending grad school part-time. She has a 5-star review on Rover for dog-sitting and is working on completing the Maine Beer Trail. She's excited to be a member of the board and looks forward to all the events ahead.


Lauren Girouard

Lauren is a born and bred Maine native.  Introduced to Greendrinks by a friend a few years back, Lauren regularly attended events and loved how the Portland branch found a way to incorporate some of her favorite things into one event; good people, good causes, and great local beer! Lauren is thrilled to be the new board president. When you see her, definitely say hi!


Kevin Bois

Kevin joined the board in 2019 with his best pal and roomie Ryan. He likes to spend his time smiling in front of rocks and tearing up the dance floor at Bubba's Sulky Lounge. If he's not at Greendrinks, he's putting Ariana Grande on the jukebox at Spring Point Tavern. 


Giuliana Orsky

Giuliana has been on the board for several years and has been in the Vice President role since 2021. While she very much misses being co-VP with Bailey, the best co-VP there was, she has taken on the solo job with aplomb. When not grabbing licenses or attending Greendrinks events, she runs the show at the Maine Toad&Co locations. She is also a brand new puppy mom so please send her all the chew toys - the more obnoxious the better!

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